Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mod Squad

One of my favorite yard sale finds ever!!! Will spotted this Samsonite Fashionaire suitcase at the first sale we went to on Saturday and I snapped it up immediately for $20. The woman who sold it said it was a Marimekko design from the 60's. Its in awesome shape, just a little musty smelling on the inside. It even has the key still! I wiped it down with warm soapy water and I have baking soda inside to freshen it up.

I'm supposed to be buying things to resell on ebay or etsy.......BUT I really love this suitcase! All I have is a boring black suitcase and suddenly I feel the need to start traveling in style. Although I might be wishing for that boring, rolling suitcase when my arm is dead from lugging this thing through an airport. Maybe I'll just take more road trips :)

I did manage to find a few items that I'll eventually put in my etsy store. I have a nice little inventory now, all I need to do is get motivated and list the stuff! As soon as my store is up and running I'll put a link up.

Im linking up with Apron Thrift Girl's Thrift Share Monday. Go check out the other weekend treasures!


  1. I saw that suitcase in the window of a vintage shop in Minneapolis. I ran inside to check it out, beccause it's the most stunning suitcase I have ever seen! I wasn't able to get it; it was about $180. Very jealous of this find1 ;)I wouldn't want to sell it either!

  2. I'm in the same boat - need to get myself up and running with an Etsy shop. I definitely have the inventory {esp. ironstone pieces} Love that suitcase. It's really great!

  3. What a unique suitcase. I love the pop of orange on the inside, and I'm a big fan of barware. Nice finds.

  4. Oh man, we've been searching for that particular samsonite suitcase for awhile - quite a score! They're really popular right now...

  5. I LOVE this suitcase! Great find, thanks for sharing!

    Angela @Whatcha Find?

  6. Let's have cocktails @ my house! Pack your Marimekko and bring the ice bucket. Great finds. I'll be on the look out for matching glasses!