Friday, April 30, 2010

Quarry Trail

The Quarry Trail is located off South Bay Blvd on the way to Morro Bay from Los Osos. There is a fairly steep incline initially but it eventually flattens out. The climb is definitely worth the effort because there are beautiful views of the foothills and Morro Bay. The Quarry Trail is 1.1 miles long but there are quite a few other trails that branch off to go explore.
Highway 1 in the distance
Towards Los Osos
View of Morro Bay

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Today Will and I took a quick bike ride on the Bluff Trail at Montana de Oro. Near the beginning of the trail a rattlesnake was stretched out across the trail. It blended into the dirt really well and I didn't notice it until I almost ran over it. When my tire got close, it coiled up, ready to strike. I didn't have time to stop so I lifted up my feet and sailed by. By the time Will got close, it was heading into the bushes. It was a pretty exciting start to a nice bike ride.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Jade Cove

We found out the hard way that Jade Cove is marked by nothing more than a wide spot in the road. We wasted an hour of precious low tide time while searching but got to see beautiful Big Sur. The climb down was steep, ending with a rappel down a rope attached to the cliffside. The beach was very rocky. We spent a while looking around and brought home a couple of rocks but Im not entirely sure they 're jade. On the way home we stopped above San Simeon to check out the elephant seals.