Sunday, August 15, 2010

Succulents, Flea Markets and Pod People

I love succulents and I'm acquiring quite a collection. I love the names of the different varieties.... Flapjack, String of Pearls, Brown Beans, Baby Toes, Hen and Chicks etc. My garden is slowly taking over the back patio so I have been on the lookout for a way to get them off the ground. I found this little rolling table at the flea market today for $3. I'm debating whether to leave it plain wood or paint it.

This enamel wear bucket is another great flea market find from this morning ($2). It will make a great planter and already has holes drilled in the bottom.

I think I had some extra special birthday luck at the flea market this morning because I got this (original) 'Blue Goose' orange crate label for $1! I love the color combination.

Last night we watched "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" (Donald Sutherland version), and I'm starting to look at our 'gourd' plant in a whole new light.........