Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Luck Has Turned!

I finally had some good luck thrifting! I've been hitting up the Goodwill thats close to my work an average of three times a week and this Friday was the first time I've bought something. Although in retrospect I should have bought that pair of Pottery Barn silver plated candlesticks a few weeks ago...... My big score was a small Pelican case for Will. In case you aren't familiar with Pelican, they make incredibly durable, water resistance cases for things such as camera equipment. They are also quite pricey. The case I got Will is perfect taking things like an ipod, cell phone etc. on his motorcycle adventures. It was $1.25 :)

For myself I bought this aqua teapot for $3.25. Its my favorite color and it sort of reminds me of fiesta ware. The houndstooth pot was something I picked up at a rummage sale this summer for 25 cents.

I found the bigger frame on Friday but the smaller was bought at yard sale this summer. I was so excited to find a match! I already have the perfect photos and mats for both frames. They will both get a nice coat of glossy black spray paint as soon as the weather cooperates.

Our Christmas tree! Its decorated with my favorite ornaments collected throughout the years and real pine cones. Someday I may go for a real tree again but for now I love my fake tree.....easy and cheap!