Sunday, April 10, 2011

Who Knew?

I love the look of eclectic, mismatched plates displayed on the wall. The more colorful, the better. I have the perfect spot in my kitchen to start a collection of my own. I've been picking up a few plates here and there at the Goodwill with the intention of hanging them when I have enough to make a good cluster.

I picked up this plate for $2.25 because I thought the butterflies were cool. It looks brand new and I assumed (never again!) that it came from Target or somewhere similar.

It wasn't until a week later when I was putting a plate hanger on it that I looked at the back. Hand painted in Italy in 1955? Huh? After some research I found out that Piero Fornasetti was an incredibly iconic and prolific Italian artist/designer. Check out the Fornasetti website and you will probably recognize some of his work.

Most of the Fornasetti plates on ebay are black and white. I only found one other example of the colorful butterflies: a set of two plates like mine that recently sold for $305! Whoa! This plate has been tossed around my house from surface to surface for the last week..... it was in the sink with other dishes!

I like the butterflies but I don't love them so I decided to list the plate on ebay. Here's the listing if anyone is interested: 'Vintage 1950's Fornasetti 'Farfalle' Butterfly Plate'.

“So I dressed with remaining ceramics, furniture and objects; so I placed a message in each, a small story, at times ironic and obviously wordless, but audible to those who believe in poetry.” Piero Fornasetti

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  1. Incredible find! How big is the plate? I think those are moths; which makes it all the more unique. Happy sales!

  2. It's 10 inches. I thought they were moths too but on the back it says 'Farfalle' which is Italian for butterfly.

  3. Good for you, what a find! I hope it sells...A bit insulting to the artist, that you thought it was from Target...tsk tsk :-0 haha

  4. What a great idea. Those plates are so cool!

  5. I love it with plates! I've been doing it with embroidery hoops and fabric, maybe I'll give this a shot. Hopefully I get as lucky as you did!

  6. Just saw this post...congratulations on your sale! Wow! I bet you're glad you saw the back of it!

  7. Cassie - I love the look with fabric and embroidery hoops too! I want to see a picture of how you have it.

    latenightcoffee - thanks! Trust me.... I will be checking the back of EVERYTHING now :)

  8. Wow! GREAT score! Don't you just love these kind of finds?!

  9. Great eBay sale! I just saw the completed auction. Don't you just love sales like that. :)